Lunch on the Battlements


This is a double dunter peoples. I travelled to Lyon, to take in a couple of days sight seeing and the likes, however, it fecking rained for two days, while I was there. Beautiful sunshine when I arrived as I enjoyed some Paella, with a duck breast to boot and it was delish, I can tell you that for free.

With a Laundrama (I call it that, cos there is always dafties hanging aboot them, talking tae themselves), right next to the gaff, chance to do a wash catch up, just half a load, but handy. Come 7pm Saturday when I am heading oot the door, all dressed up with my good slacks, Timby boots and RL Polo top (you know, the one I always wear) and the rumbles start, 5 mins later and its proper teaming, jings. I work my way round to the Irish Bar, cash only and no grub. Most of the eateries are out doors. Thankfully it brightened up about 10pm and I managed to catch the fireworks over the Saone. Nice of them to do that for ma birthday.

It was a late one after that, hence why the rest of the day, well after lunch, tubby has to eat ken, was spent in the gaff, catching up with ma blog and planning my attack on Le Tour. I ventured out into the pouring rain half a hour before the World Cup Final started and with ma brolly, stood at the edges of an outside café bar, soaking up water, beer and a joyous atmosphere, Viva Les Blues! Videos have been added at the bottom.

Well Grenoble it is this for a pit stop and en route back. It’s sits at the foot of the Alps, hency why it a doozy location to travel and catch the tour. Interestingly, the race comes through Grenoble on the Friday, however, due to logistics, were chasing the train some 3 hours later, when public transport resumes.

I’m out early, keen to have a ferrit about for the one day I’m here. Wander around the shops, Cafe Latte and a Mr Whippy Ice Cream. I take the Urban Cable Car up the Bastille, to make you all jealous of the panoramic views of the town and horizon. Did you know that this was the World’s first urban cable car? You do know. Inaugurated in 1934, ‘The Bubbles’ as they are known have been the symbol of the town since 76.

A spot of lunch to start and although a bit pricey, i push the boat oot. From there I take in the museum, which gives a history through time of the Mountain Troops, how they were first formed, equipment they used, their particular skills for mountain combat and how they have had to adapt to changes in roles, with equipment and training others, like for the mountains of Afghanistan. Really cool and interesting for like €3, However, my wee magic camera does not work indoors, so I never got as many photo’s.

I have a wander round the Military Fortress and hit the cable car back down the road, for a shower and change, out for some more food and to see what entertainment they have put on for me tonight. Two singers boys, bit like Rizzle Kicks, but ace at getting the crowd pumping. DJ on hand playing some crazy weird techno nonsense and of course, We are the Champions. Let it go, it was like 2-3 days ago min.


Tour De France is up next, up Alpe D’Huez as well. I’m sooooo excited.


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