Second Time Around



Having been to Vienna already on my travels, the hope that a pit stop of an early arrival and later in the day, overnight train to Milan, which was my preferred route of choice, was seriously dashed. Whether it was my failing using the OBB website or not, and let me assure you that I am taking zero responsibility for this. The train I had hoped to take on Thursday 12 July, was a no go and I had in my email inbox a ticket for Monday 16th.

Those who know me, know I am a bit of an arse. I go to France every year to follow Le Tour De France for 3 reasons…
1. The race itself, hullaballoo and the sheer magnitude of it all
2. A Birthday gift to myself where I stay in a nice hotel and have a real good slap up meal to celebrate
3. My birthday is 14 July – Bastille Day in France, which if you do not know is a national holiday and any town you are in on Bastille Day, will have a big celebration, I’m talking fireworks, concerts etc;  I like to tell myself – It’s all for you Wardy!

I’m desperate to get over to France somehow, not just for Bastille Day celebrations, but also to be there for the World Cup Final. I’m in McDonalds next to the station, after getting nowhere in the ticket office, I secure a flight to Grenoble, that’s over the border right?, but its a late tomorrow night flight. Flying on Friday the 13th you say – jeez. I check into a hotel with Zero wifi, and hunker down for the night, what shall I do tomorrow.

The decision was a long trip out to the Wien Technisches Museum. After getting the wrong tram, then Google mapsing the wrong street, difference between Strade and Strabe, I arrive at the edge of a park, fence in front, about 5 feet high, which I try and vault and just make it. I’m ready to discover the world of technology.

It’s advertised as offering extraordinary insights into the world of technology, from the past to the future. It certainly was massive with tons of cool and interesting stuff, even if most was in Austrian. Technological developments and achievements that have directly impacted on our society. I will let the photo’s do the talking, but naturally my favs were the steam locomotive, seeing gadgets from the 80’s like the Xylophone, hairdressing coils, flute keyboard and all the various phones and cameras from the first to now.

There are a lots of interactive exhibits and stations from a Tesla coil that shoots electricity boltz and plays Smoke on the Water. How steam works, how electricity works. Multiple galleries also on Physics, Heavy Industry, Information & Communication, Music, Transport and Every Day Life. Just enjoy the photo’s and reminisce.



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