First Past the Post


You will be glad to know this is the last of the three, dedications to loved ones and friends. Not saying which is which however. This blog is for the 101 Saint himself, the Hot Rod Racer Gordon Mann. Relevant of course as its purely about Motor Racing, of sorts, with a visit to the Mercedez Benz museum. For those who don’t know, Mr Mann does not like the Mercedez bunch when it come to the F1. Why would he, he has good taste and that is why he is a lover of all things McLaren and Fernando Alonso. That said, this place was sweet and any lover of cars will appreciate some of the pics.  **My apologies, while the wee magic cam works wonders ootside, no so great indoors**

It’s another rainy day today and its a wet walk from the tube station to the museum. Thankfully its well signposted and I do not end up at the footie stadium, which is the other way. You walk into the place and it’s immaculate, it’s also vast. It’s shaped like a tire as each floor winds into another. I pay my fare, I get my ticket, along with a nifty museum guide. It’s a booklet half the width of a compliment slip, but the same length. It opens out the length of two A4 sheets and gives you a floor by floor, blow by blow of what’s on show. Your shown to the right and the lifts – start at the top baby and work your way down. Gonna get those steps in today.

I was thinking about the best way of detailing what I saw, so as it’s for Gordon Mann, like a gid complaint letter, I shall bullet point the floors! What I will say is that from the top floor, there are two levels to each floor, the second of which mainly have cars on show. What is really interesting and will blow your mind, as the museum takes you from top to bottom, from 1886 to the present day and the future, on walls on the walkways, they detail important things that happen through history, based on what floor and era you are approaching. Thing’s like the moon landing, Paris fair, Beatles hit the scene, Woodstock and the likes. They also detail key things, inventions that happen in the Mercedez world. These boys and girls sure can put on a show and for only €10 as well.

Level 8 – Pioneers (1886-1900): The invention of the automobile
Level 7 – Mercedes (1900-1914): Birth of the Brand   Gallery of Voyagers
Level 6 – Times of Change (1914-1945): Diesel and Supercharger  Gallery of Carriers
Level 5 – Post War Miracle (1945-1960): Form and Diversity  Gallery of Helpers
Level 4 – Visionaries (1960-1982): Safety and Environment  Gallery of Celebrities
Level 3 – New start (Since 1982): The road to emission free mobility Room for special exhibitions (fancy cars)
Level 2 – Silver Arrows: Races and Records     All your F1 stuff, but also simulators
Level 1 – Ticket desk, information, cafebar and cloakrooms
Level 0 – Basement: Fascination of technology, interactive exhibitions (one for the kids)

I could give a description of what was on each floor, but that would mean I would have to organise my photo’s in that order as well and to be quite frank, can I?, Can I be Frank? I just cant be bothered boys and bears. I am having to much fun being the Jolly Scot. I am up a mountain somewhere in the Alps, giddy as a schoolgirl as I’m heading to Alpe D’Huez for the mountain top finish tomorrow. It’s cost me a bit, but safe to taking it from my wedding fund as that won’t be happening anytime soon. Maybe a family member will get rich with da PPI and sub me the £175 for two nights in a hostel.

Sorry, back on script! The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is the place to go for every car or race enthusiast. Although I was on my todd, it’s a great place for some great father and son time, and to be honest, if you have a standard family of 4, boy, girl, mum and dad, it would be a superb, inexpensive day oot. I have to say also, I was wearing my McLaren gear while walking roond the place as well, go Jenson!


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