Italy is not a secret – Baby!


In my last post I was supposed to be taking the Historic tram to Trieste, the only reason I came this route and the bloody thing was not on the go. Well, I tell I lie there that is not the case. I am heading over to and through Milan or Milano as I head up to the picturesque town of Chur. Milan seems super expensive, so i make a full day of it on the train when I leave Trieste, getting to a location called Sondrio, supposedly at 8.20pm.

I say supposedly, cos Italia Rail are quite simply a bloody shambles. For the train from Trieste to Milano, you have to change in Venice. All fair and well providing your train is on time and on not one occasion, while in Italy did any of my trains travel on time. No worries tho, they’re are plenty of option, with town inter crossing on the way. So, the train is supposed to go to Milan Central, where I get my train to Sondrio and i have about an hour in hand. We get chucked off a stop short at Lambretta or something, but no worries, if I go two stops up on a train that leaves in 10 mins, I will have 20 mins wait and the train will come to me, superb.

The train goes one stop and stops! Conductor says everyone off the train that’s it and even the locals are confused. i had hoped to take a photo or video of me in front of the Monza sign, to wind up my good pal Gordon Mann, but alas. The guards make themselves scarce, i have spent the day hiking up and down stairs, with bag and case, from platform to platform in the searing heat, half cut drinking wine. The ticket shop is two Italians in their shop, like Johnyy  Tainsh’s shop, I canny shout at them. They very kindly tell me to get the next train on platform one, to the next stop and i can get a train to Sondrio. Bonus and the lass in the gaff hangs around for me to check in and give me a big glass bottle of water, cos she can see I’m dehydrated a tad.

Anyway, Its a new Wardy as i come to one of the most spectacular parts of my trips. I am not going to complain to Italia Rail. It was an adventure and plus, this blog is about the beautiful towns of Trieste and Sondrio, not the carry on in between. So I wander down to the harbour in Trieste about 8pm, just as the sun is setting to get a sunset for Ma Luvvs. There is a game on, which one I cant recall, but sitting outside, having the choice between, Pizza, Pasta or Pannini (Trust me, that’s all they do!) and supping on glasses of white wine @ €2.50 a pop, big glass as well, is the way of living.

I’ve got masel in company after the fitba. Boy walks past with pizza box & lad says something derogatory, in Italian ken. I ask another boy what he said & its basically slagging the pizza box boy of. Yet, the slagger has just eaten a pizza? So, his bird is quite annoying. She smokes roll ups, but does a very annoying thing. Acts all girly & gets a boy to do the roll up for her, then slags him off for not doing it right, then does it herself. This has happened 3 times now & she’s a boot, combined with her phud b/f, I’m on it. I giez it the ‘We have a name for the likes of you back in Scotland!’, “oh, what it be” – ‘Mink’, I say in return, only to be met with “what is this mink, what this mean?”

Sondrio is just as beautiful and unfortunately, I only had enough time to wander a few streets before I checked out. There was a farmers market on the go, mainly fruit tho, but it was ace, I love that shit and plenty of decently sized Pomegranates. The town is surrounded by hills, so the views are Ace. Some guy parks his Ferrari and it gets a lot of attention. The lookie lookie guy is back selling now Senegal are oot the WC! The most interesting place was the train station shop that sold DVD’s incl Brigadoon, On the Town and an Elvis One. More than that they had interesting box set CD magazines on Pink Floyd and The Beatles. I wonder how old they were.

I have not done anything special with the photo’s just enjoy.





2 thoughts on “Italy is not a secret – Baby!

  1. Fab photos Alan, especially the first ten or eleven taken around dusk, which everybody knows is the most beautiful, melancholy and precious time of day. I hope you didn’t get too involved with the roller-uppers because life’s too short. Not sure I needed to see the photo of your sink but I know these details are important to you in recording your travels. See now that I’ve thought about it, it wouldn’t be a proper Jolly Scot blog without at least one shot of a sink or bathroom. Have you ever killed two birds with one stone and photographed the toilet on a train? Enjoy your next bit, wherever it might be. But did I miss something – you went to Venice to change trains, is that all? Nothing else? No gondolas along canals or espressos in labyrinthine lanes? Take care! GH


    1. Just to change trains brother. So little time and so many trains to be on. The train toilet sketch is all fair and well when you get on a train that starts in the same station. If you get on one coming and going to, where its been well used. I have learned to make sure I go early enough in a restuarant or if the station facilities are good, so i can avoid the train. I ws just passing through Italy to be honest, I fancy a proper holiday there maybe next year. My next blog is about a train, the other after is Just for you – Jean Tinguely, you heard of him?


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