Collision Course

collision course

As Hungary is so beautiful and cheap as chips, I went for a couple of days to town called Gyor, east of Budapest and reported to be most important city of northwest Hungary, halfway between Budapest and Vienna and I quite fancy a boat trip and a bit of adventure, well advertised for that region. I only lasted half a day in the bastard, fleeing doon a hill and across a Zebra crossing, where cars are supposed to give way.  I hit the side of the car, over the bonnet and if I had not put out my arms, I would have only had a scraped knee.

As I was tellin ma pal 101 Saint in my usual Scottish twang, I put ma hands out and banged ma puss with my own right arm. Lots of pain, the result of which the use of my EHIC (good job that), a free panorama xray thingey and an onwards trip to a sleeping giant of a city called Mosonmagyarovar. A couple of trips to the lady dentista, 1 cracked incisor out, I wisdom and another tooth out, with roots pulled and sutured gums and best bit about it all is the doozy pain killers they give you – sweet. In fairness, I’ve never been the best at looking after ma teeth n gums and i got a proper telling off. I have a more or less dead tooth, front and centre, bottom row and I’m surprised I never damaged that.  A big hole in ma pocket anyway, with some extra work signed up to. Look after you’re pearly whites people – take it from me.



Anyway, Mosonmagyarovar, as I said it’s a sleeping giant of a town. People wizzing about all day. Some decent shops, restaurants and the likes and a giant resort with thermal and medicinal pools. The reviews are not great tho, supposed to be quite tinky and unclean. Last thing I want with needing to keep ma gums clean. In fairness, It’s only 2-3 days out of my normal schedule and i quickly crack on with the 10 hour train journey to Belgrade. I have it in my head now to get round a few countries, big cities who have team in the World Cup and soak up some of the local atmosphere when the games are on. Beats watching it in a normal pub.

I’ve booked a relaxing three days, well two really cos I arrive quite late to the Aqua Park Hollywoodland hotel. A hotel with cooked breakfast every day, superbly comfortable rooms and a doozy rooftop pool. Over the road there is a quite a significant and very humid, Aqua Park, with a couple of Jacuzzi’s, a big soldier pool, a number of smaller pools, including and outside pool. Lockers rooms and a gym and restaurant, serving beer and the fitba – It’s all included in the price. This was perfect considering I did not want to do much for a couple of days but relax and let the swelling subside.



 I did manage to have a wander into town one day. Firstly, to get one night booked in town, right across from the Train Station, for my next leg of my travels, but to also get a feel for the city, experience the old and battered tram system and I quite fancied a vanilla milkshake from McDonalds. I got a bar when in the City, had a cracking supper and watched a trio of Swiss Boys get put through the proverbial ringer.

 My only regret was that I found late on my last day, there was a transport museum I could have visited. I got up early the next day to get my train ticket to Bar and to visit the museum, only to be told the train to Bar, left from another station, some 5 KM away and I could get a tram to it. It left in 40 mins and i would have to run back to the hotel, get ma gear, get a tram and still no certain I would get it on time. If I did not get it today, I would have to wait another 3 days to get the ferry to Italy I was going to get.

Change of plan, train to Zagreb leaves in 40 mins, I’m getting that bastard and the museum will have to go for a Burton methinks. Thanks Belgrade!






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