New York State of mind


It can be argued when you are away, you have plenty of free time on your hands, so why not take time to update your blog more?

The basic fact I am away, where I get up each morning, with the desire to go out and see as much as I can, then to return to as little sleep as I can get away with, shower and shite included is why I do not update my blog often enough and I am sorry for that. I was back in Sunny Perth for 5 days and that would have been an ace time to write some more spiel about New York. However, I spent most of the time catching up, planning the next 6 weeks or just sleeping. A tired wee bear was I. I must add it this point, WordPress is shit! Just not flexible, very restrictive on uploading and takes ages to create a blog. Not worth the money unfortunately.

So, Bowie aside the rest of my time in New York. I did not do very much to be honest. Lots of walking and visiting bars I had been in many years ago like the top Scottish Bar ‘Hole in the Wall’. As I was missing Scotland at the Azteca, I splashed out and got a ticket for Billy Joel at Madison Square Gardens. It was pricey, but strangely enough the same cost as a ticket for the Peru game and the Maid of the Mist aside, easily the best money I spent since I have been away.

Now it was not a one off concert. Billy has a sort of residency at the Gardens, but that does not mean that any of his 50 performances to date have been any lesser than my visit. It could be argued that I am a fan of the Joel. Songs like Uptown Girl, Vienna, Woman, Ballad of Billy the Kid and Piano Man are staunch solids in most playlists I have. I even like the Westlife version of Uptown Girl, it is that good a song baby! I’m in early and I am punished by the horrific $13 a pint for Stella on the go. This will not deter me peoples, I head up to my seat just as he starts off his first tune. I’m at the first row, right at the top of the stairs and end of the row so I can stretch out.

I have argued in the past that music and specifically live performances can has such an emotional effect on you. So much so, that you could come away from any gig, saying that was the greatest gig I have ever been to, the adrenaline is flowing that much and your emotions are all over the place. I have seen the Beastie Boys live, Fun lovin Criminals with Scrimmy at the city hall, Madonna, Showaddywaddy and even Elvis Costello. But, there is always that one Artist or band, you wish you could go back in time to see. For me it was Queen, specifically Freddie Mercury live at Wembley. I would spend every penny I have to my name to go back, to get two tickets to the Live Aid gig at Wembley and to take ma mammy. Now that would have been braw, I can tell ya.

For now – I seen Billy Joel at Madison Square Gardens and he Rocked Da House! I was sitting next to Darnell. I put my hand out when I sat down and said Wardy and he said Darnell. He was very shy watching the performance and not long after I belted out Piano Man, top of my voice, I think he come out his shell. There was this song Scene’s from an Italian Restaurant and he went daft, body movin and singing and the likes. The rest of the gig was us both standing, clapping, singing, body shaking and the likes, it was proper ace. Now Billy does this amazing thing, he says I will give you two songs to choose from and the one with the most noise gets played. He names a hit and gets a cheer. He then names an album tune, that everyone loves and he gets a bigger cheer. On the encore he comes back to the hits, he is a wise man. Totally blown away by the way, such a great thing to be part of.

On Sunday I visited Chelsea Markets after a good wee wander round about 300 street stalls they had on the go, buying tat and muchying. Chelsea Markets are a bit pretentious and expensive I thought for my liking. I went to Pier 64 and tried my hand in a batting cage at the old baseball – Wow, so hard to hit the ball coming from the machine, even tho you know and can see it’s coming. I have a greater appreciation for baseball players now.

I am in love with a woman called Shani Stewart. I like her style, she makes we laugh and we can chat and chat. She put me onto the New York High Line. The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail, created on a former New York Central Railroad on the west side of Manhattan. So, I had a leisurely stroll for about 70 mins on a Sunday lunchtime.

Once you get past the foreigners and what my cousin Chuck calls the Sex and the City ladies (Idiots who walk 3 or 4 in a line in a 2 way path), once you get past the frustrations of barging thru these fools, it dows so much for the soul. A big bonus is that St Johns legend Stevie Campbell has enjoyed the same experience and gave me a big thumbs up for my Instagram post – Cheers Stevie.

For the rest of the day I visited a few ole drinking haunts like the Hockey Puck and Hole in the Wall. I could have done a whole lot more in New York, but I think I done enough. I spent a good full day vinyl hunting as well as 3 hours in Macey’s, getting some info for friends coming later in the year and a bit kiss n cuddling on Sunday night, which was choice!! 

I’ve been home, sorry if I did not see you. I’m off to Europe for 6 weeks or the final countdown as I’m calling it (Get it – Europe – final countdown!!).  Keep following to see where I end up tho, love you all.


Ps. hopefully, the videos have added at the bottom. Please enjoy




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