Sometimes it’s the simplest things that end up being the most pleasurable. Pittsburgh is a very beautiful city, with so many interesting sights, with the likes of Heinz History Centre, Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Library and of course the magnificent PPG Paints arena. While I shelled out a penny or two to be blown away in Chicago and to get to a Play Off hockey game, I decided the walking boots and sightseeing be kept to some of my simple loves, trains, funiculars and some superb views.  

I’ve been on the Google maps to sort out my route, it’s about a 2km walk down to Station Square, which includes a donder doon 3 quarters of Carson Street, made famous in a number of films like Dark Knight, Lorenzo’s Oil and Flashdance. Oh, what a feeling!

In the movie, Alex dances through the Hall of Sculpture in the Carnegie Museum of Art, her house was on the South Side, and the restaurant scene was filmed inside the concourse restaurant in Station Square. What I did not know is that the Duquesne incline, makes an appearance in the first scene of the movie. I need to watch that again.

It makes me want to go that little bit further today to check it out, but in the end I run out of time. I set off fairly sharpish, I want to get down to McDonalds for brekkie. I know, I know, I should not be eating that stuff, but it’s a small treat for me today and I will easily burn it off. There’s a record store, a cool ‘collectors’ store with old coin operated machines, sports memorabilia, some signed and some not and general tat. I love tat by the way and I would much prefer for you to buy me something from a charity shop for my birthday in July than something expensive. Now mentioning charity shops, there is a Salvation Army store, a massive one on the route and it got me to thinking that it would be a good place to buy basics I might need for another part of my travels coming up.

I’ve had a good root about some of the well funky clothes on offer and I am now fumbling through the vinyl, in the hope I can find that gem of an album, by someone like Bowie say, that is not truly appreciated over here, but would cost a good penny or two back home. I’m looking at the books, hoping to find a good sports biography or something entertaining for my train trip down to Washington. What I can’t help notice is that there are a fair percentage of get rich quick or self help books on the shelves. No doubt so many chasing that American dream.

  • If you can see it you can be it
  • Tools to live life by
  • Live Happy
  • Do you want to make money
  • How to send your kids through college
  • The truth will set you free

Just read my blog baby, i have all the answers.

I hit station square and walk out onto the concourse and the fountains, dancing to music is in full swing and it’s an 80’s playlist on the go, which is Ace! There’s a cool historic furnace at the back and regular freight trains passing by on the tracks between the square and the river. That gives me an idea for a competition for all the kids back home. There is not much in the way of shops in Station Square, but still nice to wander around. It’s what’s over the road I am more interested in – a funicular, the Monongahela Incline.

The Monongahela Incline looks out over a sublim Pittsburgh cityscape and is only one of a few remaining inclines left in the entire country and was registered as a National Historic Landmark. It is mainly used for commuters who stay on Mount Washington to get to work in Pittsburgh, as it takes you down to the Smithfield Street bridge, where a M-Train and buses take you to the city centre for a couple bucks.

I know what your thinking, I have come up Mount Washington, to see views of Pittsburgh and the two are playing in the hockey tonight – spooky eh!  A short walk to the viewing point and the view are spectacular, and I hope they show that. More over, quite a doozy wee village is there at Mt Washington, with some nifty wee shops, a hefty bbq joint, where I grab some ribs for my tea, shop and save for some beers for the game and DiFiore’s ice cream parlour, where I indulge in a yummy treat for the walk back and ride back down the incline.

I’m liking the free days, just frustrating that despite putting on factor 50, i’m still getting burned and despite all the walking, i’m no shifting any pounds off. Jings









One thought on “Flashdance

  1. I’ve got a lot of respect for furnaces and anybody who has ever worked with a furnace of any kind, large or small. My dad worked in a steel-works, which would have had enormous blast furnaces, and I worked in a couple of glass factories. The furnaces in those were hot enough for me! 1859 to 1927 though – that’s a pretty short period of ‘dominance’ isn’t it? I guess things happen faster in the USA.


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