Escape From Alcatraz


You may easily cordon on that there is a significant shift happening from my songs based blog posts during my Asiatic adventure to a movie themed jaunt across the US of A. When I hit South America it will change again, however, when I come back and go coast to coast (hopefully), it will be movies based.

I have my ticket and I am in the process of getting ma jacksie in gear planning my exact route, which in all honesty I should have been doing as unfortunately, my two days in San Francisco were a bit wasted in all honesty and I am a bit disappointed in myself as a result. Whatever you do, don’t tell Chris Hollands, he will give me one helluva roundhouse kick in the gonads as he luv’s the feckin place.

I arrived early Sunday afternoon and for convenience and necessity (Pens Hockey game), I was booked in at the Travelodge at the airport. I arrived, got checked in and got the game on the telly – Ace. Done all my ironing while watching the game as the Pens propered hammered Philly to advance to Round 2. Two full washes and drying done, so everything I own is feeling new and most importantly, smelling nice!

I wander out about the area early evening, pass an all you can eat chinese buffett as i wander to an irish bar for a beer, shock! It was quite cool, they had some lass in the bar singing and it was fairly busy, so i stayed for a couple. I find it funny being asked if i was irish, cos I sounded irish? Boy asked if I played football and after i said i used to up until 10 years ago, we quickly get round to discovering he ment American Football, referring to me as a left tackle, so I apologised and said, Soccer. He asked me what I press and while i knew what he was talking about, bench pressing weights, with a smile i said, ‘well, this afternoon I pressed about 5 tops, one shirt and a pair of cords’. I’m the only one laughing.

On the way back I hit the chinese, i’m kinda tired after a drama at the Airport in Honk Kong, 12 hour flight, 2 hour lay over and another 90 min flight. It’s been a long day so I want to get my grub on and snooze early doors. No drink in the place, must be a license thing, however, the grub is superb. i discovered this thing called coconut shrimp, its Ace. This one dood had a plate, just full of Coconut shrimp and I’m looking at him pile it on. He says ‘try it man, you’ll love it’, so I do and i did. I’ts simply deep fried shrimp in a coconut based sauce.

The place is mostly full of Hawain, Mexican and Samoan looking neighbours and some of them are really frightening in size. Now, i’m a big chap and very rarely do I feel threatened at anytime. I have walked round the outskirts of Toulouse, the prozzie part at 1am while over for the tour, finding my way back to the gaff where the owner said i was crazy, cos gangs rob you. Anyway, these guys are big, over 6 feet tall and built. There are one or two chubsters, but they rest look like they can shift and some of the lassies are the same.

Monday and i get the bus into town, it takes about 50 mins and a wirey young chap called Wallace, is at the stop and he starts chatting and boy can he talk. I can talk sometimes, but like a snooker player, he is thinking two conversations ahead. Despite having a fair bit of confidence, lots of spirit and hope, he’s not a lucky sort and is having a hard time of it. He’s 22 and everyone at his school never expected him to see 18. He’s at the stop as there is a shelter nearby who give him some food and a bus pass for a month.

He talks about all the jobs he’s had, including the dunkin donuts across the road from the stop and he’s applied to be a dishwasher at a hotel restaurant at the back of us. He was a youth team basketball coach and rolls of the names of all his team who have went to college. He had been in construction, with a certificate for Asbestos, but it has expired and he lasted 7 weeks in the army and was considering going back, cos he got double rations to beef himself up. He smokes weed and is open about it. His buddy is doing a year for possession somewhere, where they are tough on it and this is probably why he does not stick well to anything, not for lack of positivity tho. Interesting chap.

I hit the town, pick up my Amtrack pass and the day is mines. I head down to the Pier area cos I want some clam chowder baby. I’ve heard of it, I love Cullen Skink and I want some, so I’m gonna get some. Pier Market is where i hit to get ma dose and some fiesty crab cakes as well. From the pier you can see the island Alcatraz and as much as you may think it’s a great opportunity to head out there, not for me, I’m thinking about the baseball game that’s on or possibly the hop on hop off big bus tour.

I donder about for about 2 hours to walk off my grub and more or less waste the rest of the day. It’s Monday night and the area I’m at, basically has nothing on the go. Even the coffee shops all close at 7-8pm, so I have a beer, check my flights and head back to the gaff for a decent nights sleep. I say that, but I was up till about 1.30am watching the tellybox. God, I love all the choice on the TV over here.

I’m in Chicago now, at a doozy of a hostel that has a sort of sports, come car racing theme. It’s fairly hip, with a snack/coffee bar and greatt wifi. I’m in a room of 4, bottom bunk and one of the chaps is of a Spanish sort, so the chat will be minimal I would expect. I met a boy called Raj on a shuttle, who got the same train into town and he was fairly good with some tips on where to eat. His folks stay in Dubai and he’s at Uni, so he’s heading to the amtrack station. Interesting chat, i’m liking my time here, even if im no click, click, clicking.


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