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Ken something, for the convenience of a great deal for a flight to the good ole USA when I finished my Asian adventure, I chose the trendy, stunning and glamourous stop over of  Hong Kong.

My cousin Kevin and his superb better half Moira have been many a time and she said it was ace! Looking online they talk about ‘tantalising flavours, from street food to fine dining; experience the most stunning scenery, from vast expanses of greenery to glamourous skylines. It is a city where contrast, variety, trendiness and excitement live side by side.’

I was sold and booked it a long while ago, right in the centre as well. I watched an episode of The Travel Man – 48 hours in Honk Kong, I was primed and ready. Or not as it turn out and while I have made some daft decisions already in the 7 weeks since I left home, this was not one of them, even if it has been a bit costly and certainly back to basics. I cancelled my hotel, looked for something on the same island as the airport, found a place on the other side of the island called Tong Fuk, that takes longer to get to than the airport express into the centre – daft Eh?

On Thursday night, I got checked in, went for a couple of ciders in a great bbq restaurant come pub 2 minutes walk away and the owner and lass, albeit clearing up for the night, were very chatty, did not mind me scooping up and were good company as I knocked back a few and tasted their own home made hot sauce. I done  detour on the way home to the beach, in the pitch dark and listened to the waves and the forrest beasties.

A short village walk the next morn, including a now visible trip to the beach and I sat for a good hour, just gazing out into the sea listening to The Avalanches. Back to the gaff, quick shower and one of the many 50p, 40 min buses to Mui Wo, for a ferret about what is has to offer and while this was not very much, it was very laid back, slow, peaceful and for the purposes of say my own mental health, to be able to switch off and just chill, was brilliant. Wardy done right for a change.

An evening walk down to the beach to see the sunset and a small dip, I could not help thinking back to the last time I had actually walked on a beach, but specifically walked on a beach hand in hand with someone – Have I ever done that? I have a big juicy steak for the grill, some nice bread rolls, bottle of wine and a cheap and nasty ‘King Robert II’ half bottle of gin (cost £3.50) – Let’s get this party started!

16,650km so far I figure I have covered in planes, trains and buses, just from town to town. Walking, cycling, taxis, boating, tuk tuk’s and now swimming, who knows? Tomorrow when I set off, I will be adding another 11,527km to my trip total as I hurtle to 30k. What intrigues me is I set off at 10:50am and arrive in Seattle @ 7:40am, so even after travelling 11 hours, I have gained 3 hours. How crazy is that? I get in at 12:15pm and it blows my mind that travelling for 16.25 hours and all I lose is 1.25 hours.

Did you know – The circumference of the Earth at the equator is 40,075km. I’m gonna beat that as I still have another 90 days on the road. I my need to start a crowd funding page to get me home baby! 

A lazy day this morning so far. Dip in the ocean at 6:30am, Penguins game at 7am (we lost), some eggy bread made by yours truly and a little nap then off to town to watch the mighty Liverpool FC that KO’s at 7.30pm, followed by Soccer Saturday and bed for 12 if I can get a bus back, hmmm. Spoke to a chap yesterday, so hopefully get some banter in the bar tonight. Don’t worry, I am all packed, with clothes looked out and route to airport planned, so no issues I hope.  







3 thoughts on “I get around

  1. Hope you enjoyed Hong Kong Alan we are getting ready to book for next April and I can’t wait! Hope you managed a wee bit of local Chinese food. Enjoy the next part if the trip x


  2. Alan you have no idea how relieved I was, scrolling through your latest post and its photos and videos to find out that in the end you didn’t go for a dip in the sea. It already looked chilly and deserted, then the water looked choppy, going on threatening – like an oceanic equivalent of a sneaky thug. So hopefully by the time you read this, you will be somewhere over the Pacific (the South perchance?), hopefully with a window seat, looking out to see if you can spot any whales or exotic islands where Paul Gaugin, Robert Louis Stevenson or Captain Bligh and his mutinous crew might have fancied a stopover, or Rodgers and Hammerstein might have sent Mary Martin to wash that man right out of her hair. Now I know you name-checked me somewhere in the last day or so, and yes indeed it is the very wonderful Record Store Day today (21.4.18). I got to the Concorde about 7.30am and was about 60th in the queue (another 40 after me by the time I got in and out). They opened the doors 7.45 and it was all very orderly, as you’d expect of people who’ve committed to getting up early on a Saturday to go and buy records. Out of the hundred or so folk there, I counted either 8 or 9 that were of the fair sex, which is 8 or 9 more than you might expect. Women are so unpredictable, don’t you think? I got my top three picks, which were a Tom Waits LP called Bawlers (as in bawling your eyes out because the songs are so sad), a 7″ single with Bernard Herrmann / Hitchcock film themes (Vertigo and North By North West) and another 7″ of an old Hammond organ classic called ‘The Champ’ by The Mohawks – reputedly the most sampled record of all time. Maybe there’s bits of it on your Avalanches tunes. It’s been a beautiful day in Perth – I can honestly describe it as Sunny Perth today – a good day for a European market, although my favourite stall had a gentleman from, I believe, Tanzania, playing bongo drums between serving exotic hot foodstuffs. You will also be thrilled to know that on my way to a stamp and postcard fair at the Dewars Centre, I took a detour to the railway bridge at Craigie Cross to view a steam engine that had just pulled in to Perth Station. It was a red engine pulling a single red coach – like a scene from Thomas The Tank Engine. I don’t know whether you wanted to know all that but it’s too late now. Before I go, and I know they’ve been a source of great fascination to you over recent weeks, but I have to say that no matter how much I read about military museums, I can’t find it within me to discover any interest in them. Maybe I had to be there – and I wasn’t, but you were! Keep up the topically themed musical choices, by the way, they’re all very apt. You’ll be spoiled for choice in Seattle. Have fun and stay safe!


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