Peter, Paul & Mary

peter Paul & Mary

For those who know their music, they will be able to sing one of the songs that Peter, Paul and Mary are famous for. I shall give you a clue, it’s not written by John Denver. If you cannot think of it, look it up and sing along!

When I was going to the history museum, after a barney with  taxi driver about him trying to overcharge, giving it the one way system, when its a straight road doon, I arrived at 11.45am and it was shut till 1.30pm. No worries, right next door was the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens and for £10, I got a nifty map and the freedom to explore.

I am a bit apprehensive. You’ve seen me in my videos, sweating and red faced, when the heat really kicks in at 12ish. Sorry, it’s not the heat but the humidity. Animals in cages and I don’t know how well they are looked after? I’m not sure how I will react if some don’t look to me that they are being ‘kept’ well enough. I suppose a positive is they are members of both SEAZA and WAZA, the map tells me.

Some history from the map – In 1864 the development of Botanical gardens of Saigon began on a forest area of 12 ha along the Rach Lang River. In 1956 it was renamed Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens. At this time, the zoo houses 1,000 animals belonging to 120 species, many of which are endangered, which is good. The plant collection comprises of 3,000 trees, many of which are 100 years old – which you would expect if its been on the go since 1864.

I did take tons of photo’s, but some where when they were soo tired due to the heat, so I have been a bit selective in what I have added. Things like the deers and stags I never bothered snapshotting. Similarly, the black bears, orang-utans (No Mya) and white tigers, I left them out, however, they were beautiful creatures. One of the tigers just kept pacing down the side of his glass wall and you just knew he was thinking, if the wall falls I’m attacking, he had that look in the eyes!

The Giraffe’s were cool, as were the ole flamingo’s standing on one leg, but my favourite were the hippopotamus’s. It was bathing time for them and they snuck under the water, re-emerged and blew water in the air. Just the size of them and how menacing they look. It’s no surprise they could be killers.

There is a lot to do for kids in the park, including a music theatre, feeding zone forza alligators and trains that went round as well as a wee boating lake. I shall leave you with this. I shouted over to the lion, how are you today boss and he went maaaahhhh – I kid you not!








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