He Was the King

Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.”   – Irving Wallace


The Royal Palace (Phnom Penh), was first constructed in 1866 and its stood the test of time well, considering the boy still lives here. Although that was not always the case under those Khmer Rouge chancers. Originally the location here was an old citadel on which the present day temple was constructed, and the temple is located next to the Mekong River, which was beeaaautiful when I arrived about 1pm.

Right, so, there are 3 compounds – The Silver Pagoda, the Main Palace and the Central Throne in the central compound, most in a Khmer stroke Frenchie design, changing over time. What it does have are tons of pavilions within the grounds which form part of the  complex, most with traditional, religious uses, hence the donation boxes.

You can go most places for yer $10, except the Khemarin Palace compound, where King Norodom Sihamoni, (I’m calling him King Norrie) the present King of Cambodia, currently resides. Lots of colour, detail and all tell a story.

Interesting fact: The Silver Pagoda (photo 4 & 5), houses a life-sized Buddha that has been decorated using 9,584 diamonds. One of the diamonds weighs approximately 25 carats! Imaging a scale with the diamond on one side and 25 carrots on the other. The total weight of this Buddha is 14.7 Stone – weighs less than me!. I should be in there man.

Anyway, it’s the most valuable, national treasury in the world and they let me near it. No photo’s unfortunately, camera’s not allowed. Instead, did you ever hear about Paddy McGinty, who was the all Ireland Domino champion? He earned the right to go to Las Vegas and play in the Domino Million tournament, where they play with Black Opal domino’s and all the dots are $100k diamonds – He stole the double blank. 

There is the National Museum right nearby, which I paid a visit to and again you were not allowed to take snapshot of. I was not to upset tho, it was a lesser version of the one I went to in Siem Reap. You know when the Rodney gets new gym equipment and the old stuff goes to the Letham centre? It was like that.






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