Why does it always rain on me


If you speak to my mother she would stay that she still worries about here 44yo wain, when it comes to travel and right she should, with a past history of getting on the wrong train and regularly leaving my passport on planes. Well, over 3 weeks in and I’ve boobed!

Friday morning, 30 March, i’m up at 6am to listen to the Pens Hockey game and to make plans for my trip to Cambodia. The flight I want is still there, 1.30pm 1 hour hop down to Siem Reap and with all the frills of baggage, priority check in and free meal, it’s costing me $66 dollars and I snap it up. I’m flying Air Asia, who I have researched and they have an average rating, with bad feedback relating to baggage weight, subsequent charges and delays. I know my bag weight, so I will be fine – or so I thought.

I’m running late, I shoot down to the lobby to check out and print my boarding pass. It’s 11.30am and the chap prints it for me and hails a taxi. I’m in the cab and off we go, I think I will be cutting fine as the airport is some 40km away and it’s raining, heavy rain as well – jeez! We go through one toll, I have to pay 50 baht, a second and its 70 baht, but were on the quick motorway. 120 baht is like £3 by the way. The taxi costs me £7, so a tenner in total, which is crazy.

We get there, straight to bag drop, its 12.15pm, all is good – or so I thought. The chap hands back my ticket and highlights its dated 1 April – tomorrow. Jings crivvens, help ma boab, what a fanny, I’m so embarrassed. He sends me over to the Air Asia desk, I have to wait 10 mins, but tell the lass the issue, she checks today’s flight and bingo, I’m on it, no extra costs, I just don’t get my meal (which was a bonus).

Turns out the ticket was flexible, so I could change at no cost. Bonus, as I did not want to stay another night in Bangkok. I hit bag drop, go through immigration, security and I hit the gate right on 12.50pm. It’s a busy flight, but only 13 of 30 ‘premium’ seats are filled, so a row to masel. were up and away. The views of Bangkok by air are spectacular.

Its a 1 hour flight, we get handed the forms for immigration and strangely, 10 mins b4 we land, those who have meals, get them handed out, so they have to take them off the plane with them. I’m soo glad I did not get one, but I bunce a bottle of water. Off first means immigration and visa first. Form, photo, $30, done! 10 min wait and I have 30 days get my Cambodia on. Breeze through passport control and the Tuk Tuk driver is waiting to take me to town.

It’s raining, with light rain so its refreshing as he whizzes doon the road, some 5k to the gaff, but on road full of potholes. I joke that it reminds me of home. He tells me of some good bars and what to avoid. If you buys drugs, the seller sometimes tell the police and you get lifted (or alleviated of some money). I backhand him 5 bucks, which he try’s to give back as the hotel had paid him. looks like he’s my driver for the next 5 days.

Hotel is ace, I get checked in and head out at 5.30pm for Soccer Saturday and a piece bagger. There is an area called ‘Pub Street’, which is like Magaluf, where you get offered everything. Cheap as chips, 10 pints (330ml), Supreme nachos and a gin costs $17. When I read the bill I though it had said $71, my eyes are seriously going. Sports bar for the City game and there are in fine form. Get chatting to a few lads, a Brummie and a Spurs fan and meeting up Sunday for a couple of sherbets. I’m onda white Russians now @ $3 a pop and I’m downing them like its milk. Well, it kinda is!

I try a couple of bars, meet a lass from Guangzhou and we exchange stories, even the one about me hitting the fish market. She has been travelling with her 3 friends who are at the table and they won’t take a drink from me. It’s nice, her friends head off and we continue chatting, even though her English is limited and the singer is loud, but whispering in ears feels frisky.

Whether I was tipsy or not I don’t know. My plans have been fairly open, so I’m free to do what I want and go where I want. Going from the south in Vietnam has now been scratched. A trip back to Guangzhou to meet her family might seem crazy, but it feels right and I feel the same this morning, birds are singing for the big man. I have learned and been writing her name – 愚人節







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