It’s what on your doorstep that’s the most amazing find if you just get out and wander. No maps, no predestination, just remember the way you came or landmarks.

I passed this park once or twice and it looked interesting. Some purpose, seemed to celebrate the dynasties of the past, with a massive statue in the middle and is fairly new, albeit, I’m sure it was supposed to be a water feature of sorts, but someone has turned off the water.

There is a helluva noise down the far end, so I go investigate and it’s like what Ingliston markets used to be like some 25-30 years ago, but with no tables. Blankets or pre-printed sheets to be more precise are laid on the ground and vendors ‘wares’ are laid out. Some usual stuff like treatments and oils for joints and burns. Books, belts, watches, but no pocket watches. Radio’s, mobile phones (that look stolen) and all kind of cheappie tech stuff you get in the pound stores back home.

What’s crazy is there are barbers cutting hair on a stool, chaps practising dentistry with drills, giving fillings and teeth whitening. A full table of falsers you can buy and he’s taking casts of teeth? One dood is heating glass lamps and putting them on a big chubby dood, proper treatment man like from a Jackie Chan flick. Sellers have got mics and amps and are talking to groups, proper dell boy style.

One chap has a case and a proper in ear magnifier and torch. I can’t figure out if he charges different prices for what he takes out (bugs, stones) or he’s putting something in to help with hearing. The most popular seller is the chap with is the drone. As he works it and it zips over the locals heads, there is a buzz as they have not seen this before. It worth about £10 in our money and is of that quality as well.

As I walk back up some local wives are practising a dance, no doubt for a wee festival coming up to perform for their husbands.  One bossy lass who probably used to be a dancer, Ken, it pointing out after each break, who is outta place or time.  I filmed it twice but only will upload, enjoy.


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