Bicycle Race


Now I’m not sure how much a scooter costs,  but £250 seems cheap as chips. Ahhh chips, I miss them.

£250 for a brand new scooter in all the store fronts and there is plenty of them. The main mode of transportation in Nanning  (other than the metro) is the scooter and if you don’t own a Scooter shop, you do parts, accessories or you have a garage forza fixer upper.

It seems very safe, even tho nobody wears a helmet. Certainly there are young girls, in school tracksuits scooting about the middle if the day, probably in between lessons and they are about 13-16yo. I was propositioned by about half a dozen at the Train station offering to put my case at their feet and me on the back. 没有感谢

When you come to crossings, there is an order of waiting, similar to the walkers waiting on the green Man.  That said, like queueing for the subway, an escalator or in a shop, some forget their manners, many jump the gun and fleet across. I call them chancers and make a point of:

1. Taking my time in front of them

2. Deliberately walking in front of them.

It’s a bit like the right turn in the US and Canada.

Today I whack on my red Lambretta  t-shirt and walk down a couple of streets turning get my nose up at what they have to offer. Not on purpose, I’m out to get some lunch while my wash is on. We have a night out tonight in the 2 or 3 local bars this place has, so a very lazy day. It’s said some locals like to practise their English on travellers in bars and try to get married off, oh no! Off I pop to the Queens Head, would you believe it?











2 thoughts on “Bicycle Race

  1. Looks like another good couple of days! Have you been to see The terracotta Warriors yet? Are you staying in China until you go to Hong Kong? I am really going to try and talk Kev in to a visit to China. You could have a change in career and be a travel guide. Until your next blog, we await with baited breath, take care x


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