7 Nation Army


Now, this will not appear to be what it is.

I get wind the local China Superleague winners 2017, Guangzhou Evergrande FC are playing at home in about an hours time. It’s about a 25 min metro ride, one change, so I hot foot it as costs under £1 to get there.

The moment you walk out onto the plaza, there’s match day atmosphere in abundance, there’s a fever. People turn up in normal clothes, buy a cheapish looking top from the many sellers who peddle their wares on the floor. Buy a top, takes yours off and put on the strip and head in, simples

I’d searched but could not find how to get tickets. Straight away I’m offered one, but she looks well dodgy, I wander up to the ticket entry area and nothing so walk round to the front of the stadium and nada.  I’m tempted to buy from the many ad hoc touts, but put off as the banners clearly say ‘ID cards must be shown’, yet the touts sell right in front of security. I decide to refrain, get a coffee and watch the crowd funnel in.

10 mins before kick off there is a massive roar. They’re going through the team and even from outside the ground the noise is superb. God, I wish I was that bit braver in buying guide a ticket.

Turns out I’m in the main shopping district with Tianhe Mall and the wrongly named Mall of the World – I think they maybe just meant the food court. Lots of high end shops like Tommy Hillfiger and Valentino, but it’s the Adidas store that interests me and I spend a good hour having a wander and spending some Yen. Too good a time as I miss the fountain light show.

Some interesting bars in here selling martinis and one cafe come karaoke bar. No sign of the Chinese Zane Miller, but there is a stage you need to get up on. I might come back. Quite a nifty evening shopping  and eating in an area I would not normally have come to. On the metro back, fan tells me the score by the internationally recognised sign of ☝ -👌 Guangzhou 🙌



3 thoughts on “7 Nation Army

  1. Hi Alan just been reading all your blogs and loving them. China is a country I have always wanted to visit. We are heading back to Hong Kong next April so will maybe try and tie something in. Will look forward to reading your next chapter. Take care and have a blast. Moira xx


    1. Definitely Moira, you can come to Guangzhou, they’re are daily trains back and forth.

      I feel china has been superb and such a differing culture to what I expected in a good way. Each main city has a metro that interlinks the city and takes no time at all and is cheap as chips, 40-50p a journey.

      You can wander about safely, even late at night and there is soo much to see and do. This country is rapidly changing, so it’s great to see some of it before its brought into the modern era.

      I’m in Hong Kong Thur 19- Sun 22 April, for a flight layover before i go to the states. i will have two full days in the city. Any tips, ideas of what to do and where to go would be great please.


      1. Hi Alan great to here from you. Like China the metro in Hong Kong is superb for getting around. There are lots of sights to see too but my favourites were the Big Buddha and the Victoria Peak. The Big Buddha has about 268 steps to climb to get to the top but I just took my time. Great cable car ride to get up to the main plaza before getting to the Buddha!! The Peak has amazing views of the Hong Kong side and the Kowloon side – amazing. They have open top buses which would give you a good whirlwind tour and the back street restaurants are superb. Where are you staying in Hong Kong? I will look forward to the rest of your blog especially to see what yo7 think of Hong Kong. Stay safe xx


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