I must tell you I have just been interviewed by a 5 strong team, filming the hostel and its guests – I feel I need an Entourage baby!! Trust me I’m not making this up

 While having some breakfast yesterday, there was a lot of pottering about, by a lot of what seemed to be pretentious young up and coming film makers. You know, making a big fuss about a particular angle or shot, lots of set up and squatting, chatting about the here and there.

 The hostel owner was getting filmed, with her sometimes gnarly black Labrador in tow. A chap I have been chatting with, asking for advice approaches and speak nice to me and asks if I was available 9.30ish today to be filmed and interviewed. ‘Sure’ I say, cos the wifi is not the greatest first thing in the morning, the Penguins are on at 8am and I will need to hit the courtyard to get a good signal to listen to the game. Benefits everyone.

I’ve just finished and I must tell you I was totes amazeballs! I wont let celebrity go to my head darlings, I have been one of 5 to be filmed this morning, so the chances of me being used or certainly the whole interview, are quite slim. That said, I’m gonna pester the boy to find out where it’s getting used.

The film crew don’t speak English, so the chap asks the question in Chinese, ma buddy translates and I answer and he translates back again. Basic questions about my nationality, how long have I been in China, my thoughts on Xian and how I hear about the hostel and my thoughts. I’m polite and complimentary, not telling any porkies as its a really good gaff. Very safe, friendly and relaxed. I have felt very well looked after, so much I was thinking of staying another day

Having worked with the Creative Solutions boys, I know what to expect. It’s all about the set up, having the eye and not being too direct. They have tons of equipment, Dougie would be having a field day as they have one camera on a track and a drone for aerial shots.

 Two days they have been here and its all very Hollywood. I got mic’d up for my interview and was told to sit up straight and not necessarily look at the camera. Two of the chaps are just standing around chatting – What’s that all about. Anyway, big smile on ma chops.




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