Tight Fit

So, I’m on the plane and it’s all uphill from here, but in  good way.

For those who don’t know mèeeee,  the Polis would say they were looking for a man – 5’9,  slim athletic build, baby blue eyes, fair hair and a cheeky disposition. One of those is wrong and its ma 21 stone frame, which makes travel occasionally that bit more harder. I don’t need to worry about the belt fitting like Fergie tho!!

I fly with British Airways, cos your superperbably (+1 superb) well looked after. Made to feel unique but strangely part of a group altogether in the cabin. I used my airmiles to get a cracking Premium Economy ticket for this 10 hour flight. Hold on….. . . . . Just making sure the lass brings me back another Gin.

Anyway, decent seat by the toilets, enough space for a big lad like me. Darling next to me has the eye mask on and is snoozing away and dreaming about washing elephants I think? She’s travelling north to do the Tefl teaching malarky, which sounds interesting. Proper hippy chick,  hipster lady, but the type of lass you want to teach your kids.

For me, I’m staying awake! A baby boy friend of mine said just stay awake as long as you can to help adjust when you land and being 8 hours out of kilter. This is proper going to play havoc with ma gambling. How on earth can I get the Man Utd v Liverpool and Old Firm game in a bar at 2am in the Dong Cheng area?

Anyway, this is purely a Kudos to British Airways and how they have looked after me as I headed East. Keep up the great work doods, I thank you!


tight fit

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