The first cut is the deepest

First thing first.

I should have been in Beijing about a week ago, after a 10 day trip on the Trans Siberan, but I made a complete mess of it. Underestimated the pedestrian NHS and time it takes to get an appointment and then get the shots.

China better be brilliant, as it was an awfy hassle gettin  the Visa. But I’m here and what I will say is this. If you have the money or the means and have the time, get the shots and get the visas and go from there. It’s funny, you can’t get a visa without travel in and exit from the country, including hotels. Why pay some £700-£1000 if your not sure you will get a visa. Trust me you will!!!!

So, in ma house is £200 worth of Roubles if anyone is fancy fancying a trip over to mother Russia. Why not, you will be safer than in the UK. This is where the state sponsored murders are happening.




2 thoughts on “The first cut is the deepest

  1. Hi Wardy great blog. I did not realise you were already out the traps! What football are you watching. It won’t be PGS! I’m watching MU v Seville. It’s as exciting as Morelos on Sunday! Hail hail


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