Talking all that Jazz

Top 10 tips for writing a blog 😆

Do’s and don’ts

Basically, this is what you should do

Poppycock laddie😉😉

Please excuse me, yet I make no excuses? ‘m an asshole, I know I’m an asshole and I’m invariable about. But hey, I’m a fun loving likeable asshole.

With that in mind I’ve discarded all the tips, knowhows of travel blog writing. I’ve set up a page and I’m writing what’s in ma nogging when I’m on a train or in a plane, which I will post when I have a WiFi connection in ma gaff.

What I will say is while I hope to share experiences with you, with photos, your getting what’s in ma mind also. What the boy at the end of the street said or how manic this road was. Furthermore, I’m not spell checking, I’m not using the proper queens, as I type, if there’s a word or a MURIELSISM  that pops in there like ‘braw wee bairn’, then that’s what gets posted.

If you can be bothered to read what’s going on may mind then cool. I shall be playful.




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