Fly me to the moon

Let me play amongst the stars….

You read plenty things when planning any form of travel, may that be destination guides or hotel reviews, local customs or the specific do’s and don’ts, you get through the very informative I might add, UK government website.

What also you have a tendency to do because there is soo much information out there, is to look at and pre-judge your air carrier, the service they provide and in detail, the seat you have yet to choose or be allocated or in some circumstances are destined to pay for.

I would like to believe that the airlines encourage these ‘sites’ and all the posts contained therein, as although there are many that are critical of their flight experience or the service they have received,  for every one negative there is that positive and they make you want to spend money. A man with half a malt whisky is halfway to his next or still has half to enjoy. (For my Gin drinking friends I would like to use the analogy of you being given two Bombay sapphire bottles and you quickly hoovered up one).

Can you say this is your outlook on life?

If you have been round two super positive people which I have been lucky enough to do. And for the sake of this story, we shall call them Susan Ma Luv’s and Stephen J Crocodile Huntley, quite the minor celebrities in the Gourdie and STV land, but both super can doo’s and I’m lucky.

Try it tomorrow please. Be positive, see the worth, be cheery and if you like it, do it the next day.

Anyway, back to my previous flight stresses that were just a waste of time! Grrrr I went on this site flight checker. Tells you about the plane, seating layout, size (width and seath length). People go on there and say “I was on the Lon-Bei flight @ seat 21a and it was a knightmare.  Right next to the toilets, so I kept getting woken up by people putting their handies on the back of my seaties. “

Me personally, I like to stay awake and where possible, chat to hands on people, these new friends going to the same destination as me. Never know, might meet Mr right.

But you find yourself on this site, checking the seating map and thinking about paying to get a seat reviewed by a complete stranger who, quite honestly could be a regular on football fan forum pages – and never happy.

I leave you with this. Would you go or not go to see a film based on the review of a complete stranger? If so, go watch Game Night, it’s a complete hoot. All I’m saying is go with what feels natural and don’t be led. Certainly with BA, if there is any issues, your  well looked after.



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